Sunday, September 29, 2013

Prayer Requests

   Happy Sunday morning...I hope wherever you opened your eyes today was as beautiful and stimulating as what Handsome and I enjoyed here at the farm. The pond was a cool gray and thickly stacked with fog. The pastures were not quite frosted, but pale and dewy. The house was as fresh as the outdoors, having been aired out all of yesterday and all through the very still, quiet night, windows open to the first breaths of autumn. Our animals greeted us with contentment and affection. I could stay here* all day. Every day.

   However you honor this day, I would like to ask for your attention to a few important needs. Prayer requests of all varieties. I know that God has authority and power over all these things and that His love is more than enough. And as Red Dirt Kelly said last night, so succinctly, "People + Prayer= Power." We are urged to take our needs to Him. And it binds us together. And the act of doing it is comforting. And it yields miracles.

"And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." -Matthew 21:22

Please pray for healing for Sammye and Matt. And for all cancer patients and their hurting families.

Please pray for a swift, thrilling recovery from surgery for Judy.

Please pray for protection and peace of mind for everyone fighting the good fight, holding firm in their convictions and in love. 

Please pray for the health and vitality of family units everywhere, however unusual they seem from the outside. Pray for reconciliation between parents and children.

Please pray for addictions to be broken and conquered. 

Please pray for spiritual revival where it is needed most,which is in every human heart.

   This is a good day! God can cover all of your pain, all of your agony, all of your shortcomings with His powerful love and mercy. Let Him do it.


* it bears mentioning that when I tried typing "here," my device auto-corrected to "heal." This farm has indeed become quite a place of healing. 


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