Monday, September 30, 2013

Tiny T 31 Days Lookin for Love (intro)

   Well, well... How exciting! Here we are on the cusp of October again, which means so much. So many fun rituals this month, so much raw beauty. This change of pace, this settling in of energies and shaking up of routines. I love it.

   Among the October festivities, Sweet Nester of course is hosting her fun and exponentially bigger-every-year link up about 31 Days of Change. We here at the Lazy W are participating! Are you?

   Perhaps you have already heard, but this year the topic is Tiny T. You know. This guy...

Tiny T has his own page now, did you see? Tiny T

   Tiny T is in need of some romance in his life, and his mind is made up. Love is on the front burner for him... All. Month. Long.

   So please make a point to join the fun! Visit daily to stay current on his romantic misadventures. Give Tiny T advice. Ask him questions. Share in his sharing. This will sometimes be an audience participation story, and your votes will somewhat determine his fate, day by day, all month long. You loved those choose-your-own-adventure books as a kid, right? And you always wish for stories to go a certain way when you read them, especially romances, right? Well this is your chance to indulge again. Call all your friends. Sway the vote in your direction if you must, so Tiny T does your bidding. Help him out! There may even be an episode dedication in it for YOU.

   Feel free to grab a Tiny T button to share, too. He worked really hard on it. He polished all of his gold rope for the photo, too. See how it shines like disco?

Cheers! Happy 31 Days of Change!

I Pity the Fool 
Who Doesn't Read this Series!


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