Friday, September 6, 2013

Room for Improvement

   Here is a quick list of things I wish I did better. Things I'm working at improving. Weaknesses that need strength-training. Sources of occasional embarrassment. And some pain.

1. Telling great jokes. Or even mediocre ones. It's just horrible.

2. Delivering high-fives. Mine are enthusiastic, but somehow they just don't connect too well. It makes for lots of awkward moments.

3. Typing. Also general editing.

4. Returning library books on time. Or at all. This new electronic borrowing system should save me a lot of money. The Oklahoma metropolitan public library system may grow to regret it when they notice a dip in revenues.

5. Keeping my feet pretty. Between running, gardening and animal-tending practically barefoot, and not being willing to fork over a million bucks for a "real" pedicure, it's definitely an area where I could improve!

6. Thawing our entree meats on a perfect schedule. So. Dang. Mystifying.

7. Demonstrating my deepest love to a few certain people who probably cannot fathom my feelings for them. I am constantly bubbling with the emotion, but when I consider breathing it out, I choke on either the words or the act. I'm so terrified it will be not enough, or maybe too much. 


8. Typing. And mastering brevity with my ideas.

9. Growing parsley. Apparently a girl can grow either parsley or basil, not both.

10. Praying for my "enemies," just those relationships in life that deliver the rub, the discomfort and trial. I know by now that the people aren't really my enemies, but I have a ways to go still in praying for them with genuine love.

11. Typing. And caring about typing.

12. Keeping the beautiful Apartment clean and organized.

13. Not over-eating. Or at least not hating my choices. And drinking more water, less Diet Coke.

14. Finishing one project or book before diving into three more.

15. Acting out the faith that keeps me breathing every day.

   What about you? Do you want to be better at any of this stuff? What else is on your list? 

Let's Not Grow Stale,
And Let's Get Really Good 
At High Fives!!


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