Monday, September 23, 2013

My Book Stack This Week

   Hello! Another busy week is chomping at the bit around here, and I'm so glad. Life. Is. Good.

   In between this thing and that, I'm enjoying lots of reading moments. In fact, Handsome has even found some reading material he grooves, proving that miracles do happen; and we have instituted a cool evening ritual of sitting in our fave outdoor chairs (his is a nice, wide hammock and mine is a nifty vintage aluminum chaise) and reading while the sun sets. We face the backlit vegetable garden and often have the llama girls watching us. This is WAAAAYYY better than vegging out in front of the TV! Last night Johnny Cash tried to kill me, but it's worth it. Johnny Cash is a gander who hates my ever-lovin guts. Sort of like how Mia hates my husband. It all comes out in the farm family wash.

   So anyway, here is what I'm reading to fill my brain and my soul...

   What's not pictured is a digital version of C.K. Chesterson's Orthodoxy. It's a short little volume, but I'm reading it slowly, taking too many notes and thinking too long. At this rate I will review it around Christmas. 

   Another book that's not pictured is The Horse Whisperer, which our famous little Oklahoma book club read recently. We are meeting Friday night to discuss it (and eat a fabulous ranch style dinner), so I'll post my review then.


   The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. My beekeeping mentor Maribeth loaned this to me a thousand years ago, but I understood it to be quite sad, a story about motherless girls. I kept it on the shelf until now. I finally feel strong enough to read it.

   The Art of Fiction by Ayn Rand. Maybe if I read this little book I will learn everything I need to know to make my idea for a novel come to fruition. 

   Zombactor by Sean Bingham. We became acquainted with this author at some local zombie-costume-art show events, and this book is the first in a trilogy he has written. Handsome has read and enjoyed them and offered to Sean my proofreading and reviewing services. (Stop laughing, Margi!) We'll see about that. But in the mean time, if you think I'm gonna pass up an opportunity to read and discuss books with my husband, you're crazy. Zombies it is.

   Keeping Bees by Green Guides and The Honeybee: A Guide for Beekeepers by V. R. Vickery. I have lots to learn, y'all. So dang much.

   The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall. Among all these titles, this is the one I can't put down. Really looking forward to giving it a proper review soon. It's a weird piece of modern fiction that changes perspective with every chapter. It has wildly fascinating characters, and I'm hooked against my will.

   And finally... The Rodale Herb Book. I am one-hundred percent infatuated with my little potagerie-style herb garden this year, and I am starving for more information and ideas of how to improve it. I dream big dreams for Lazy W herb production and propagation, and so, as with the bees, I have plenty to learn.


   So that's it! What are you reading?

   Wishing all of our friends and loved ones, near and far, a spectacular week. The season is shifting. Prayers are being answered. Love reigns supreme.

"Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them."
-Lemony Snickett


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