Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5 Sense Tour, Potageries

   The past few months I have been preparing a little plot of earth near our south facing dining room door to become a Potagerie, a small kitchen garden for growing herbs, edible flowers, and small daily use fruits and veggies. A lot of planning and work will go into it before anything this beautiful happens at the Lazy W, but good things are underway. Here are five of my favorite inspiration photos to get the organic juices flowing.

The connection between dirt and counter top is so vital, 
and I love everything about this photo.

This pretty little corner is just part of one hundred acres of gardening
at a museum in Massachusetts.
Different hardiness zone, I know, but close enough to inspire and teach.

Pinned Image

This curvy, well stocked little garden 
brought to us by This Hopeless Romantic.

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This photo was originally on a site called "Bliss and Kiss" but I cannot find it now. 
I have always loved growing blue morning glory vines over a doorway. 
They impart such a grandness and coziness at the same time. 

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The variety of height and depth makes this garden really interesting, 
and using grapevine obelisks for climbing foods is just beautiful.

   I am linking up a day late with Monica on her Five Sense Tour, collecting all kinds of wonderful eye candy along the way. Have an inspired, imaginative day everyone!

5 senses tour


  1. Oh, that picture of the doorway is wonderful! Looks like the perfect, cozy spot!

  2. the last is the herb garden i always dream of having.

  3. New follower here! Thank you for the beautiful comment that you left on my blog. I have never had a green thumb and look forward to seeing photos of your garden!

  4. So beautiful! As winter approaches, it's delightful to see the summertime abundance!

  5. Middle of winter here in Michigan and need anything garden and sunny. :-)


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