Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Five Senses Tour, Winter's Beginning

    What a wonderful week we're enjoying. Not without its stressors and mysteries, of course, but there's some love or magic or something in the air. I have learned to slow things down even more when life is like this. Wishing you a big, nourishing dose of this peace. Here is my little detour on Monica's 5 Senses Tour.

See: The beginnings of Christmas decorations in our home and the end of the colorful leaf parade on our property. 

This is possibly my favorite inspiration photo so far.
I have resolved to not buy anything new this year, 
to just use what we have plus maybe 
a few items from the produce department.

Hear: Our parrot practicing new words, our guinea fowl debating creationism with the geese, lots of Soundgarden on the radio today, and an excellent playlist of Cajun music while I write.

Taste: Really good, strong, fresh, piping hot coffee with real sugar and cream in it. Big surprise, I know.

Touch: Perfectly fresh, clean, cool, pressed sheets on our bed and then Handsome's face shaved just as smoothly, between those sheets.

Read: Still nibbling at the same book, which is picking up speed as the narrator's love affairs do the same.

Think: I have been simmering a lot about the environments we create and allow for ourselves, the deliberance with which we live each day and the conscious will we apply to life and relationships.

I found this, like so many other great images, on Pinterest.
I believe this is the original source.

Feel: Overflowing optimism, faith, hope, excitement, suspense, secret joy, gratitude ahead of time... However you might label this ribs-deep emotion that everything is going to be alright, that miracles are in the air, that's how I feel this week.

My sweet chickens are several years older now than in this photo,
but I've been gazing at this image for over a week.
And when I spoke to them a couple of nights ago
their voices were as young and clear and happy as they were on this day.
This is a huge, welcome blessing in our home.

Be Sensual. That's how you were created...

5 senses tour


  1. It is always the small things like a good cup of coffee, fresh sheets and the sound of our kid's voices that make life wonderful. We so often forget to take the time to notice and enjoy these things.

    P.S. Love the "be sensual" comment.

  2. I love these 5 senses posts. I love that when I read your words, I am there too.

  3. thanks for sharing!

    wow, i just love what you're feeling.what an amazing high.


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