Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Five Senses Tour, Winter's Beginning

    What a wonderful week we're enjoying. Not without its stressors and mysteries, of course, but there's some love or magic or something in the air. I have learned to slow things down even more when life is like this. Wishing you a big, nourishing dose of this peace. Here is my little detour on Monica's 5 Senses Tour.

See: The beginnings of Christmas decorations in our home and the end of the colorful leaf parade on our property. 

This is possibly my favorite inspiration photo so far.
I have resolved to not buy anything new this year, 
to just use what we have plus maybe 
a few items from the produce department.

Hear: Our parrot practicing new words, our guinea fowl debating creationism with the geese, lots of Soundgarden on the radio today, and an excellent playlist of Cajun music while I write.

Taste: Really good, strong, fresh, piping hot coffee with real sugar and cream in it. Big surprise, I know.

Touch: Perfectly fresh, clean, cool, pressed sheets on our bed and then Handsome's face shaved just as smoothly, between those sheets.

Read: Still nibbling at the same book, which is picking up speed as the narrator's love affairs do the same.

Think: I have been simmering a lot about the environments we create and allow for ourselves, the deliberance with which we live each day and the conscious will we apply to life and relationships.

I found this, like so many other great images, on Pinterest.
I believe this is the original source.

Feel: Overflowing optimism, faith, hope, excitement, suspense, secret joy, gratitude ahead of time... However you might label this ribs-deep emotion that everything is going to be alright, that miracles are in the air, that's how I feel this week.

My sweet chickens are several years older now than in this photo,
but I've been gazing at this image for over a week.
And when I spoke to them a couple of nights ago
their voices were as young and clear and happy as they were on this day.
This is a huge, welcome blessing in our home.

Be Sensual. That's how you were created...

5 senses tour


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