Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yoga for the Indecisive

   I dabble in things a lot. I dabble in lots of things. I dabble in lots of things a lot, all the time, with varying results. I dabble lightly way more than I devote strongly, making my list of Fresh Exciting First Time Experiences a heckuva lot longer than my list of Things at Which I Possess Expert-Level Mad Ninja Skills. I am peace with this, most of the time. 

   So at the beginning of October when my ten-four-good-buddy splashed into her month-long writing binge on yoga, I decided to join her at least a little. I agreed to dabble in yoga alongside her succinct and inspirational blog posts, and I am so very, truly, cosmically glad I did. She let me share my first timer's reflections then, and now at the end of the month, she has invited me to guest post about my overall experience with yoga so far. Check out my dorky remarks over there and read her blog a little, too. She’s cool.


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  1. I am so very thankful you were willing to dabble with me, and share your thoughts. My blog is way more fun with a little Green Goose in it.



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