Monday, November 28, 2011

Mutual Admiration Society: Liebster Blog Award

   Growing up, our home's population was slightly but powerfully overwhelmed by women and girls. Mom made conscious efforts to encourage us and reinforce good behavior, shelling out compliments and affirmation richly and regularly. Dad, on the other hand, though a loving and positive man for sure, took great pleasure in teasing us and tempering our warm-fuzzies with jokes about the "Mutual Admiration Society." This is how he affectionately referred to our dinner table conversations about how good and pretty and talented and awesome we all were. 

   Well, so here we are a thousand years later in blogland, a place that did not exist during those formative years. And some of us are still trading warm fuzzies, even if a voice somewhere in the background is saying how silly we are to do so.

   This morning I was delighted to read that my ten-four good buddy M Half had included me in a very sweet and encouraging list of her fave new/small scale blogs. I am the giddy recipient of something called a Liebster Blog Award!!!

   The word liebster is German for dearest. Sharing the award is a little way of recognizing, as M Half put it, "up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers." Umm, yep, I qualify. But juuuuuust barely...

   Isn't that nice??  If my Dad reads this he may very well raise his eyebrows and look over his glasses then say something witty to keep me grounded, but that's okay. I know we all try to temper our appetites for approval by being honest. And I know for myself that cross pollinating ideas with a handful of intelligent, passionate people has greatly improved my general well being since starting this blog in May. I groove the exchange. I really do. I love forcing myself to articulate things that sometimes hurt and other times are either  challenging or just plain silly. And I am so grateful for people who are bold enough to cast their own two cents here and there. The world is clearly full of people worth knowing.


   Without further ado, my own nominees for this sweet little award:

The M Half  Despite appearances, my giving this award right back to my friend is not merely reciprocal. She is a consistent poster, which motivates me, which is ironic because she scoffs gently at motivational bloggers, which is really ironic because she is a very accepting person, which is beautiful because she accepts people who might not accept her first. She is a writer and editor by trade and has a clear, readable style which gives me a hungry goal. She also takes the time to edit my stuff, a personal favor for which I will always be eternally grateful.
   More importantly, she has a view of the world unencumbered by dogma and typicality. Is that a word? I shall invent it just for her. She resists typicality, and I love that about her, She keeps me accountable for opinions I might otherwise resign to habit, tradition, etc. But when I stick with tradition she still respects me in the morning..Thanks for everything, M Half. I am a better person for knowing you!

Cabbage Ranch   I have more in common with this lovely woman in terms of longings than actual facts, but we are both mothers (though I have sixteen years of seniority over her) and we do both have horses and live in the south central United States (though on opposite sides of our legendary Red River). Katie writes about her baby "Beep," about home keeping, her horses, her husband, living in the country, really anything she wants.
   On top of it all, Katie also works outside the home, which sort of underscores for me her industriousness. I think I first glanced at her blog by reading comments on Pioneer Woman, a little site you probably haven't heard of yet. PW is just getting her blog started you guys, so let's be nice to the new girl. Okay?

In My Wild Eden  I cannot remember exactly how I first came to read this truly beautiful blog. Possibly through a writer's workshop. But please do take some quiet time to soak her up. She offers pulsing photography that looks a lot older than it is, original poetry, and abbreviated but completely loving remarks on life. In her own words, she was "born to walk country roads and gaze into vintage skies."

Periphery  Yes, M Half chose her too and in fact I owe my introduction to this blogger to my trusty ten-four good buddy. Periphery writes with philosophical precision and an obvious appreciation for language. I don't know how else to say it, but the first post of hers I read had me hooked, as M had promised. It was titled "In This Economy" and spoke to so many important things that I immediately wanted to invite her and a bunch of other soulful people to either a lively debate of hot topics or a pep rally for positive thinking.

New House, New Home, New Life  I am not only a lover of words and ideas; I also drool over homemaking and domesticity, though I am unlikely to share my own ideas on that stuff here. I very recently stumbled upon a blogger who is sharing her remodeling, redecorating, and gardening adventures in Canada. She is also an avid Pinterest-er (love my eye candy) and has generously offered an experienced ear in matters of living apart from your children.
   Mothers whose children live with their Dad are either scarce or very, very quiet about it, understandably. It's difficult to find anyone who understands both the heart shredding and the need to wait and thrive while they're gone. I am so happy to have made Heather's acquaintance!

Honorable Mention,
because this writer enjoys slightly more than the maximum 200 followers, 
but I have come to enjoy her so much:

Bohemian Twilight  Monica is the philosopher-artist with a heart of red and purple suede who generously hosts both the Joy Pockets and Five Senses Tour linkups. She isn't always agreeable, but she does seem to always be genuine. I found her quite by accident while looking around for some gypsy-style interior photos. I continue to haunt her blog because she offers marrow-striking observations of the universe and poetic photos that speak volumes. I can almost smell patchouli incense when I read her posts.


   Okay, so those are my nominations for membership in the Mutual Admiration Society, Liebster Chapter. Keep writing, ladies! I for one read everything you publish, even when I don't have time to indulge in comment trading.

The Pen is Mightier


  1. Oh my. You flatter me too much, GG. Careful, you know what happens when people encourage me!


  2. Oh, I've totally awarded you as well Goosie Goose! Can you be awarded more than once??? Guess we'll find out. :)

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination. Your words are so kind. I can't wait to check out your other nominations. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words. My little blog project was really only created to allow my friends and family to keep track of my new life. But as in all things on the internet, it kind of grew a bit from there. Now I've been lucky enough to stumble upon you! Lucky me.

  5. I'm so glad you enjoy reading, and thanks so much! Long live random blog posts. I shall now bow to your seniority...

  6. Oh wow! Thank you for such kind words. I'm so glad that M directed you my way so I could discover your lovely blog, too! And now, I have all these other new people to check out! Thank you, you are too kind.

  7. LMAO,i love that i'm not always agreeable too! excellent. thanks so much, you put a big smile on my face with your real words. i love nothing better.

  8. Hi - how do I download the Leibster button so that I can do the same? I'm so honoured - thank you thank you. It's my first "award"!!

  9. Lovely selection and recommendations.

    Oh, and congratulations!


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