Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Like to Eat my Turkey from a Big Brown Shoe

   For days now, strong ideas and long strings of words have been swirling delightfully through my mind and body. I have slept soundly every night and woken up refreshed every morning, already surrounded at dawn by the warm winds and bright colors of philosophy and possibility. In every corner of my house I have been ferreting away notebooks and slips of paper scribbled up with eurekas and scriptures that have never felt so real before, with observations about the universe at large, questions posed about conflicting ideas, recipes that feel important to me and so surely I must share them, and overly edited photos that tell long, interesting stories (at least to us).

I found this on Pinterest. You. Are. Welcome.

   But I haven't taken the time to write this week because things have really been hopping around the farm, precluding me from focusing on any one idea and polishing it into something presentable. 

   We have had a large predator here (probably a bobcat or cougar but almost definitely not Sasquatch) and sadly have lost our Tom turkey, a pair of guineas, and at least one rooster. This means that now all the birds, cranky geese included, have been penned up 24/7 for their safety. This means that they are restless and extra noisy, but in a far removed way. This means that I desperately miss them walking around the yards and gardens. Their soundtrack and fluttering presence are both features of daily life I have come to need. This means that I now spend an extra amount of time in the chicken coop every day talking to them, petting them, and generally listening to them. 

   I have also been fortunate to receive several Green Goose orders this past week, so a chunk of every day is spent sewing. This means that my sewing room looks like an F-5 tornado hit. Thank goodness I have not yet acted on the impulse to replace the solid door up there with a windowed farm house door that is partly wrapped in chicken wire, because nobody needs to walk down the hallway and see that chaos.

   Thanksgiving is tomorrow, of course, so I have been following a torrid series of cleaning chores, rearranging impulses, table settings, cooking, and extra cardio, lest we arrive at the first of December having taken two steps back instead of one more forward. Speaking of stepping forward, I kept to my goal of not buying anything at all new for autumn decorating. Except for two things. But these baby pumpkins were grown here, which pleases my soul. 

   The big animals are all busy growing their winter coats, too. This requires me to touch them a lot more than normal and inhale them deeply, up close and personal.. These are important and time consuming tasks, you guys, and they're further reasons why I haven't been writing.

   Below is a glimpse of the Thankful Tree which I will be forcing my guests to decorate soon. We will write on paper leaves the things for which we are thankful and hang those leaves on this branch. Friends and family will either love it or hate it. Okay, I will love it and they will love it a LOT. By the way, I have been getting lots of emails from PW begging me for photography advice, because clearly I have mad lens skills, but there just aren't enough hours in the day. She'll be fine.

   But the main reason why I've not been writing much is just sheer, perfect, mind numbing shock that People magazine has yet again selected the wrong man for their annual crowning of "Sexiest Man Alive." Bradley Cooper? Not disgusting. But also not sexier than this guy...

   And he has so many incarnations...

   When will we resist the mainstream? 

   Anyway,  there's a lot going on. I am so happy to be on the brink of Holiday Season 2011. Good things are happening. Love is stronger than ever. Hope is rising and building just like we need it to. 

Wishing you and yours all of your favorite dishes and twice as many blessings!
Happy Thanksgiving from the Lazy W


  1. What an amazingly, just, "grateful" post. And I couldn't agree more about Will Ferrel. Hello? HOTTIE ALERT! And I love the fact that you've got a thankful tree. I guarantee that wouldn't fly at the house we're going to for dinner tomorrow. If I had my way (and a seriously magic wallet) I would host ALL holidays at our place. It would give me an excuse to break out my mad craft skillz.

  2. I have to tell you I cried a little about the losses your farm has been through. I even felt guilty talking about roasting a turkey. I'm not making this up. Thankfully, no one depends on me for anything culinary except deviled eggs, so all is well. Phew. Your horse pic is totally gorgeous. I want to come love on her too. Miss you.


  3. I will feel the loss of my buddy Clark for a very long time. He was an extra special turkey and will not soon be replaced.


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