Monday, November 12, 2012

Catching Up

   How are you guys? I haven't blogged in a week, for a multitude of reasons. We're pretty great. Just awfully busy and fairly sleepy and sort of occupied keeping ourselves fueled from day to day. Balancing fun decisions with necessary ones. Feeling voids and then filling them. Not quite believing that I have had much to offer you fine citizens, in the way of prose or poetry. Just thinking a lot whenever I sit still.

   But life is good. The four leggeds are all healthy and happy. The newly adopted poultry have integrated really well with the existing flock. The mild nighttime freezes we've enjoyed have nearly eliminated all flying pests.

   We have been so lucky here lately to spend time with great friends. In fact, I spent election day last week with one of my most beloved friends, but also a woman with whom I agree on precious few issues. You know what? Not one scruff. We had a great day together and made a hundred happy memories. This is a blessing in our life for so many reasons. It's good to have a variety of people to influence, support, challenge, reflect, entertain, and basically LOVE us. Our friends are treasures.

   So is our marriage. As time passes on the calendar, I see more and more proof of the importance of a strong, happy marriage. How it can serve as a wonderful foundation for so many other beautiful life experiences. How it's not just an event or a simple relationship or even a familial bond. The complexities of a fulfilling marriage (in my view) are matched only by the incredible wealth of love and joy that can spring forth from it. In so many directions.

   I've still been running, though only in short bursts. I crave a nice, long run badly. I have realized that training for a half marathon on a quarter-mile track is kind of like reading Infinite Jest on a smart phone. There really is no underestimating the value of this development in my life, you guys. I feel better in every way from running, and if you are still on the fence about it I strongly suggest you take advantage of this brisk weather and get out there! Sweat out whatever is going on in your heart. Find that pace where you barely feel your legs and your thoughts glide past easily.

   How is the weather where you are? Is anything still blooming in your garden? Does it feel like Thanksgiving yet? We woke up to frost on the ground (and on the llama) today, and to round out our time off, Handsome and I are lighting a bonfire at sunset and welcome local friends and family. I sure wish all of you could join us.

   I hope life is good for you. I hope you have a seed of gratitude in your heart and a swell of warmth for Veterans near and far. I hope you have plenty to eat and thick blankets to cover you at night. I hope your prayers are alive with hope and your coffee is perfect.

Talk soon.
"Promote what you love
Instead of bashing what you hate."




  1. I love you so much more.

  2. I really think you and Margi ought to do a post on how you do it. Because many of us don't know how to be friends with people who have drastically different views.

    1. That is a pretty interesting idea!! She's just so conservative, I have no idea whether she would open up enough to s hare... : )))

    2. *snort* Yes. I am so shy and conservative and soft-spoken. I'm just not sure I could bring myself to talk about anything like friendship and how to be friends with someone who is so different from me. ;-)

  3. This "training for a half marathon on a quarter-mile track is kind of like reading Infinite Jest on a smart phone" is genius. And funny. 30,000 pages? 300,000 laps? Do it!

    There's that 4 mile loop around The Lazy W, complete with hills. Be sure to call me when you're going UP. :)


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