Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You Might Be a Runner If...

... you go for a relaxing pedicure with your girlfriend and select a nail polish color that exactly matches your blackened toe nails. All the while, you resist apologizing to your manicurist for the condition of your feet and in fact manage to spark two and a half ounces of pride over their recent destruction.

... you look up one day and suddenly realize that you care more about the numbers on your mileage sheet than the number on your scale.

Seriously, folks, that second one feels incredibly good.

...  your husband slightly cringes when someone else broaches the topic of running in a group conversation. Because he knows you won't be able to be quiet. And he's pretty much heard it all already. (Sorry babe...)

... you sleep better at night after enjoying a run longer than three miles. In fact, you can't sleep at all on the days you skip.

...you have more stamina to work after a good, strong run.

The energy relationships in the human body are fascinating.

... you can no longer wear yoga capris to relax around the house because they trigger something in your legs that makes them bounce frantically until you lace up.

...when clothes shopping you are more likely to browse racer back tanks and lined shorts than jeans and shoes. Unless they are running shoes.


   So have you started yet? If you're local, would you like to schedule a long run with me soon? I am focused on being ready for the Oklahoma City Memorial (half) Marathon by next April, and the holiday season seems like an excellent time to burn a few extra calories. Hit me up!

   However you stay healthy and happy, keep it up. It's worth it.

"He conquers who endures."


  1. You barely resisted apologizing to her. Like, "should I?" NO! I think yer toes are cute, even with the blackened nails. Come down and Turkey Trot with us tomorrow! :-)


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