Monday, November 5, 2012

Senses Inventory: Coffee Shop

   Late this morning I had the sort of rare opportunity to spend time 
on a leisurely brunch all by myself in an unusual setting. 
It seemed like a perfect opportunity for a Senses Inventory.

See:  I see sanded and waxed hardwood floors, brick wall painted red, blue icicle lights hanging from a soffet, multiple chalkboard menus, and a wild collection of original artwork all over the walls. I see a menagerie of interesting characters floating through the shop, some professionals, some bicyclists, and others bent on personal expression. I also see my own collection of odd things... My second hand green leather purse with a long black scarf tied on, my trusty notebook, cell phone, a paperback C.S. Lewis book, a giant cup of cream colored dark roast coffee, and a square of cellophane squeezed into a crumpled heap and filled with crumbs from my breakfast. I look up and see sunlight blasting through the tall, arched windows.

Smell:  Rich, stimulating, glorious coffee and a tiny whiff of my own perfume. Or maybe that's actually scented deodorant. It smells like spring break.

Hear:  The hissing and gulping espresso machines and some upbeat, wordless jazz music. The music has a monotonous beat that could lull me into a trance if I let it. I hear the hum of the air conditioner, too, and now the music has changed to a Beatles song, heavy on the tambourine please.

Taste: The remnants of a thick, tender, decadent scone that was my breakfast. I am guessing it was made with real butter and definitely boasted dried cranberries, almonds, and white chocolate chips. Delicious.

Touch:  Hard wooden arm chair holding me and the strings of my threadbare denim jacket pulling against my pointy elbow. (Still haven't mended that.)

Think:  ...About the relationships between Hinduism, Christianity and a newer expression of natural law marketed as "The Secret." Thinking of C.S. Lewis and his particular brand of philosophy that seems to defy strict churchiness.

Feel:  Peaceful. Adventurous. Homesick for my children (that never really goes away) but also deeply grateful for them and for the conviction that all is not last. Romantic. Happy that Handsome and I have such incredible friends.

"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, 
you only think what everyone else is thinking."
~Haruki Murakami 

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  1. Gorgeous. Love the way this honors the present moment. Reminding us not to hurry from one thing to the next.


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