Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Short, Happy Story for Ya

Our kitchen freezer has been dying a slow death since early June.

 Late last night it finally hemorrhaged melted vanilla ice cream all over the tile floor, 
forcing our thrifty hands into action.

We had to wait until this morning for either repair or replacement, 
so I emptied the salvageable frozen meats into the deep freezer in our garage.

Then it happened.

I rediscovered in our nearly empty kitchen freezer 
nineteen miniature Butterfinger candy bars, hidden in there, 
cold and perfect and immoral,
waiting for the moment when I would need them most.
Which is now.

The End.

Wishing You Cheap Appliance Repairs 
and a Perfect Chocolate Rediscovery Right When You Need it Most 


  1. Ha! This is very happy ^^ Thank you for the big smile.

  2. Did you deep fry them? That would have made them evil AND immoral. We deep fried a turkey at Thanksgiving and finished off the day with deep fried Mars bars? Devilishly delicious.

  3. Sometimes a gift appears just when you need it! Here's to more unexpected surprises!

  4. oh man! It's probably heaven's way of saying: Hey, we need to take the freezer, but here's a little something so please don't be mad at us...


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