Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fresh Farm Eggs & a Giveaway!

   One of my very favorite things about having this little farm is raising chickens. (Poultry-chicken is what I'm talking about today, not human chickens, although what a dream come true that would be!) The hens and roosters look so cool strutting and dancing around the yard. Their many, varied sounds are complex and beautiful. They control the worst of the bugs and most of the snakes. They contribute to the compost heap generously.

And, of course, they lay eggs...

   Few are the people who eat a farm fresh, free range egg and still prefer to buy the thin, watery, comparatively anemic eggs from the grocery store. These are just so big and heavy and rich and flavorful, and most people who seem to know about such things say that farm fresh eggs are significantly more nutritious, too.

   Sometimes we find eggs that are even bigger than the normal giants we collect every day...

   These tend to be double-yolkers. Which is pretty much an omelette in a package.

When we first had Momma Goose on the farm and also discovered a slew of double yolkers, 
I suspected she might be laying her much larger eggs along with the hens, 
but so far that's not the case.
I'm excited to eventually try a goose egg, 
but in the mean time these twins are delish!

   Anyway, perhaps you have noticed that on the sidebar of this blog is a little egg counter... I have been tracking our eggs collected since January first of this year, and when I notice that number sometimes I feel giddy. This doesn't even include the ones collected by house sitters when we travel, or by enthusiastic kids who collect them and forget to tell me. 

As of yesterday afternoon, 
the Lazy W hens
have produced 773 farm fresh, 
free range eggs! 

   You guys, that is a pretty respectable number for a flock of only ten hens! I am thrilled to high-protein little pieces. 

   We don't sell our eggs yet, but we do share them a lot. Sometimes my fridge is so overrun with brown, green, and gray farm eggs that I send cartons of them home with friends without even asking them first. It's like zucchini for some people. With the recent heat wave, the hens' regular production is down a little, but it will bounce back in no time. No worries.

   Anyway, I want to celebrate! Whenever we hit an even 800 eggs, I will give away an apron set! Keep your eyes peeled, and when that number finally hits 800 start commenting here or Facebooking with me! (Do you follow this blog on Facebook? There are so many fun people there!) I will take measurements and color preferences from the winner so you can start the upcoming baking season in style!!

   Okay, folks, that's it for today! Have yourself a fabulous Tuesday filled with just the right mix of work, play, romance, and rest. 

Celebrate the simple gifts and victories in your life.



  1. Love it! We buy our eggs from a Amish farmer just outside of town - there is no comparison to storebought. I'm hoping to have 2 hens next year in my little garden - right at the bottom of the yard by the raised vegetable bed. Can't wait!

  2. Hello there: I think that I should find my way to the Lazy W to confer w/you about chickens. Soon. I'm wondering about "how long can they lay?" "what do you do with them when they 'lay no more'?" "how is it that your dogs don't eat your chickens" "will they wander off? and if not, how do they stay where they're supposed to stay?"

    Do you see? I have questions. Lots of them.

  3. Marci Soon-to-beWhiteAugust 24, 2012 at 5:16 AM

    800 eggs? Wait until I tell the kids! They will be amazed! And of course, promptly request a visit to the farm! :-)


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