Thursday, August 9, 2012

Craig Trumps Gosling

   Yep, I have enjoyed the whole Hey Girl trend as much as the next, well, girl. For months I have giggled and blushed and guffawed as Ryan Gosling's different suave likenesses delivered joke after witty, female-congratulatory joke. But it's time to adjust. It's high time we breathe some fresh air into this trend.

   Tonight I introduce to you Mr. Daniel Craig. I simply trust the good taste of my readers. I expect this to make your day at least a little bit.

Sweet Dreams Ladies.


  1. That's an easy adjustment! I'll take Daniel Craig over Ryan Gosling anyday!! Oh and I did see the Swedish version first.

  2. Ok, obviously I am not in on something here... Nothing new though, but at least now I have GOOGLE :)


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