Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chicken Caesar Po' Boys and a Glitzy Grimy Cafe

   Okay you guys, last night our supper was another Nawlins-inspired recipe, something (sort of) healthy and high in protein so we could feel better about polishing off those Pecan Pralines. YUM. This meal was neither complicated nor terribly original, not really even Cajun, but for Handsome and me it will always evoke good memories of a special meal in our favorite city.

   The place where we grabbed this meal is called Angeli's on Decatur. Like most spots in the Quarter, it is very, very old. It boasts exposed beams and peeling paint, happily chaotic gallery walls made up of mostly Mardi Gras images, and over-sized mirrors. Late each evening, one plainly painted wall in the dining room is the screen for playing old projected movies. How cool is that? But my favorite part is what hangs from the ceiling...

   Multiple disco balls and star shaped, glittered lanterns strung up in constellations all over the room deny the age and shabbiness of the cafe. This much careless, happy contrast pleases me deep in my belly, and I plan to copy it pronto, Tonto.

   Okay, here is the food... Handsome ate his in Po' Boy form; I ate mine as a breadless salad; and soon we both pushed away our plates, stuffed. But not too stuffed for another Praline. Duh.

This is a recipe approximation... All you do is...
  • Season and grill some boneless-skinless chicken breasts then chop them into bite sized pieces...
  • Then in a large skillet, heat up some olive oil for re-warming the chicken I had grilled mine earlier in the day and cooled them, to avoid the heat of the evening...
  • Along with the chopped chicken, add to the skillet a third of a bottle of Caesar salad dressing and stir it all up, heat it through, etc. This worried me at first but it doesn't burn at all. And it smelled delish, baby. The aroma drew Handsome in from the green room during an episode of Storage Wars. This is a big deal, you guys.
  • Split, butter, and toast a simple French bread loaf. Layer it with ribbons of cold romaine lettuce and then top with the hot, dressed chopped chicken. I added to my salad a handful of cherry tomatoes from our garden! No extra salad dressing needed, because the chicken was so moist and flavorful.
  • We also ended up adding Parmesan cheese to our respective plates, the super classy kind that comes in a green plastic can. Because we are very high falootin folks.
   That's it! We loved this even more than the original and will end up adding it to the main menu rotation around here. I'm excited about having a satisfying, nourishing meal that has this kind of emotional value, you know?

   What are you cooking this week? What memories does it evoke?

"Memory is always faulty. Emotions are always true." ~Anonymous
Gently Wrap and Preserve Your Best Emotions


  1. This looks really yummy! I am a big proponent of green-capped parmesan. I love the texture it adds to pasta dishes and stuffed peppers. Mmmm.

    1. hehe, thanks!! I think when you tend bees, you can afford (culturally and financially) to skimp on cheese. LOL Now I am craving stuffed peppers. ; )

  2. I need to come and live at your house!

    1. Hi there! : ) Thanks, LOL We certainly do eat. A lot. Too much.


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